Currently, EvoSim is extremely bare (an obvious fact for anyone who has downloaded it).

The present goal is simply to present the user with a grid of creatures that update on a timer tick cycle. This update is currently a change of their "Health" properties to a random value.
The XAML rules so far present the creatures as squares with their visibility dictated by whether the creature is alive or not.

The framework was started by using inheritance, but after a few questions about organization, it's become clear that a compositional structure would be much better suited for this type of system.

The long term goal is to be able to simulate world "ticks" that allow all creatures to take a "turn". This turn consists of deciding the next course of action to take as well as executing it.
Various factors are accounted for in the decision making process, including current energy, hunger, health, etc. levels, as well as speed, an "attack" rating, and the statistics of the prey.

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